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YouTube Ads Advertising Guide 2022: How to Advertise on YouTube Like a Pro


YouTube has evolved as one of the most sought after advertising platforms, while being the #1 choice in video advertising for many. Congratulations on your decision to leverage the attention on YouTube. 

When done right, YouTube alone can feed your business with more leads than you can possibly process!

After you have created the perfect script, have a great storyboard and direction, you eventually land up with an irresistible video. With the perfect hook, story, and pitch, your video is all set to rule your target market and convert prospects.

The most crucial part is now setting it up in Google Ads. You’ve done a great job at production but that would only matter if the video reaches the right set of audience in a budget that can ensure maximum reach.

This blog is all about it. I am going to talk about how to set your first Ad and other important things you need to know before starting with your first campaign.

Types of YouTube Ads

Types of YouTube Ads

Knowing which Ad type to choose is important before you click on that “Create new campaign” button. Let’s talk briefly about each Ad type:

  • Non-skippable In-stream Ads: These are the Ads that you see before, in between, or after YouTube videos. You are not allowed to skip these and your audience will have to see the complete video.
  • Skippable In-stream Ads: The only difference between these and Non-skippable In-stream Ads is that these can be skipped in between.
  • Discovery Ads: Examples of discovery Ads are the thumbnails you see on the YouTube homepage, trending section, watch next and others. Another great type within this category is search Ads that show after a person searches for a particular keyword/s.
  • Overlay Ads: These are banners that you see usually at the bottom of your video while watching it. This category contains all banner Ads on YouTube.

Set up your first YouTube Ad

How to set up your first YouTube Ad

After you have researched the different Ad types and selected one for your video, it’s time to set it up. Let’s start with it:

Note: Make sure to check that your YouTube channel is already linked to your Google Ads account. If you have not done that already, make sure to do it before starting with your campaign/s.

  1. Go to your Google Ads dashboard and click on “+ New Campaign”.
  2. Select a goal as prompted on screen and if you are not sure and need more options during the setup process, click on “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.
  3. In the campaign type, select “Video”.
  4. You will now be prompted to select the subtype which is the Ad type. We have already done this exercise in the last step so you already have the answer.
  5. Enter a name for your campaign and select a budget. There is no fixed formula to select the budget so you will have to experiment a few times before reaching at the right number.
  6. Select the network where you would want your Ad to be displayed: Choose between YouTube search network, YouTube videos and YouTube partner channels (Websites that serve Google Adsense Ads). In most cases, skipping the partner channels is a wise option.
  7. Select the location/s where you would want your Ad to be displayed.
  8. Select the language/s spoken by your target audience.
  9. Next you have to select the inventory type. You will be given an option to select the type of YouTube videos along which your Ad will be shown. You can choose the levels of profanity, graphic and sexual content videos on YouTube where you are okay to display your Ads. To know more about this, you can check out Google’s article talking all about it.
  10. You can also choose based on the labels of YouTube videos.
  11. Then you will be given the option to select related videos that will be shown along with your Ad. If you have an active YouTube channel, you must select these videos.
  12. You also get a lot of advanced settings at this time where you can choose the devices on which your Ads will be shown, systems and more.
  13. Next choose the demographics, where you’ll get to choose the gender, age, parental status and household income of your target viewers.
  14. You can then choose the audience segments to select audiences that have an interest in specific areas. This is where you can select your micro-niche to advertise.
  15. Next we come to one of the most interesting parts: Keywords, topics, and placements. You can select the exact keywords where your Ads will be shown or choose certain topics and interests of viewers.
  16. Next, select the bidding. You will have to do a lot of research to select the bidding and eventually you will also have to A/B to come up with the right bid so you can get the maximum results while spending the least amount of money.
  17. You have to now link your YouTube video to your campaign. If you have not yet uploaded your video on YouTube, make sure to do it and add that link here.
  18. You then have to write the Ad copy in terms of Ad headline, and other text.
  19. Click on done and then Create Campaign.


This is everything you need to do to set up your first campaign. Make sure to revisit every step and take your time in selecting every setting because each of the steps is responsible for defining the profitability or success of your YouTube campaign.

There are a lot of ways using which you can improve the performance of your campaign, but that is a topic for another blog. The video that you create will play a crucial role in the results, so make sure to have an awesome converting video!

If you are not sure about your campaign/s and are looking for expert help, contact us using the information on the website and let’s ascertain if we are a good fit.


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