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Why Should Ecommerce Brands Use Facebook?


Facebook is beneficial for ecommerce businesses. The feed of this social network will earn you a part of your sales and help you gain the attention and loyalty of the public in the long term. The chances of your target audience seeing your organic content without a monetary boost are low but keep going with this traffic channel.

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy for ecommerce

Marketing Strategy for ecommerce

Step 1: Create a page 

Publish and organize information about all available products: photos, descriptions, prices, opinions and much more. Add your brand story, and tell people about your items: how you create them, why they're unique, and how to use them. This will be the beginning of brand formation.

Step 2: make a content plan, write and publish posts

The constant publication of content is necessary to maintain contact with the audience. This is how you will remind people about you, tell them about new products and make additional sales. A stream of posts attracts new customers. They'll notice your page and the surrounding community and make a purchase decision more quickly.

Step 3: Set up and optimize your ads

Include setting up ads in your Facebook advertising account in your marketing strategy to get more money from your ecommerce store. Big sales are impossible without it. The audience reached through the ads will stay with you on your Facebook page.

Step 4: Communicate with your audience.

Communication with the public is the essence of marketing on Facebook. Here you can directly receive comments about your product or service. In addition, you can respond to negative customer experiences and remove them quickly to maintain a good reputation as an honest and contactable seller. Audience loyalty is your most valuable asset.

promote a store on Facebook

How to promote a store on Facebook?

They have discussed the main steps to promote an online store on Facebook. For now, it is enough. Next, they advise you to use the ad manager of this social network to attract more potential buyers and earn more money.

Attractive product images

Facebook's marketing strategy for e-commerce is tied to attractive product images. Good descriptions and reviews from real people are essential, but a good image is still king. Make sure your product images conform to these claims:

The main colours there are blue and white. Those are Facebook's colours, so users may mistake your ads for part of the interface during a quick view and not click on them. Images create an emotional connection between your product and the customer. For example, use photos of happy people using your product. At the very least, ensure the images don't look too stock photography (disingenuous, gimmicky, etc).

Include a call to action

Your ad copy should always contain an "all for action." Detailed instructions lead to more sales. You can add to your text something like "buy now", "order", "add to cart", etc. The imperative makes people act.

Upload product videos

Attractive images are fantastic. But a more powerful tool in Facebook marketing for ecommerce is a product video. You have the opportunity to show your product in action. In addition, creative ads stick in their minds, so your customers will return to your store even if they didn't buy anything on their first contact with your brand. There are a few tips for a successful Facebook marketing video:

  • Showcase some strong product advantages of your ecommerce store. It demonstrates its functions and emphasizes how unique and irreplaceable it is.
  • Make your video as short as possible. The video can contain a little information about the brand. But enough to spark interest in clicking the product link (about 15-30 seconds).
  • Send a simple message to your audience. Invite them to perform a single action: buy, order, request, etc. 

Share store promotion

Setting up Facebook ads for your ecommerce store is an obvious solution. But you can also share the store promotion on your page and ask your friends and followers for help. Do not give up this advertising channel. Early in your Facebook ecommerce marketing journey, this can bring you some sales.


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