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10 High-Growth Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce Marketers


Social networks constantly change their algorithms to personalize what users see in their feeds. As a business, it is increasingly more work to appear in the organic content of your target audience. One way to do it is to use Facebook Ads to increase the visibility of your content and, as a consequence, increase the sales of your e-commerce.

1. Use attractive images in your ads

Remember that people tend to scroll through their Facebook feeds quickly. Therefore you need an image that stands out from everything else. Facebook allows you to put text on images, but they should only take up 20% of the total area. Ideas can contribute independently, but adding words, phrases, and numbers can make them more striking.

2. Install Facebook pixel in your e-commerce

Install Facebook Pixel so you can see the actions of Facebook customers on your website. Additionally, you can use the pixel to track activity and events on your website that you want Facebook to know about for ad targeting. In this way, Facebook can create ads that directly target your customers. 

Use the interests field to target your fans

3. Use the interests field to target your fans

People generally use Facebook to socialize, meaning getting your product in front of a targeted audience is essential to get results. If you're selling a niche product, experiment with the "Interests" field. After you type an interest, you'll see relevant categories and pages for this audience. 

4. Create a personalized audience for users interested in your products

Very few people will buy your product or service the first time they land on your website. If a user has visited your product or service page, it indicates that they are interested in your business. Therefore, it is a good practice to create a custom audience only for people who have seen your product page, which can help convert these visitors into buyers.

5. Cart abandonment

To take remarketing a step further, you can create an ad for users who added the product or service to their cart but abandoned it before checking out. In addition, it is a group in which you know they are interested in buying your product. People who abandon their carts need a little push to complete their orders.

6. Increase sales from your current customers

Upselling is an easy way to increase sales by targeting people you know who are interested in your product. Someone who has bought from you is more likely to trust you and your brand.

7. Build referral programs

You can encourage your customers to convert their friends into customers by using Facebook Ads to promote referral programs. These video reviews work great as social proof and are a great way to turn your customers into brand advocates.

Promote your content

8. Promote your content

Content marketing and Facebook ads can be a great combination. You'll need to create content for each stage of your sales funnel and then promote it to the right audiences based on where they are in the funnel. Using these ads helps ensure that as people move through the funnel, your message changes to continue encouraging them towards the buying stage.

9. Create and segment a lookalike audience

If you have an extensive list of customers, you can create a lookalike audience on Facebook. This is a group of people who are similar to your buyers. Creating an audience similar to your customers gives you more chances that they will like your brand and products. Then personalize your ad content to this group. 

10. Use dynamic images and videos

It would help to consider visual and dynamic options when publishing content within a fan page. Choosing good photographs of the products or services that show the attributes and advantages is essential. In addition, it is highly recommended to include videos or short animations that capture users' attention.



Keeping your business at the level of your target audience requires perseverance and strategy. These tips will help you to achieve your sales goals, and Facebook Ads will be a tool with which you have a return on your ecommerce.


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