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How to Effortlessly Get More Subscribers on YouTube With Google Ads in 2022


Looking for ways to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel?

How about flooding your channel with new subscribers day in and day out, that too in a limited budget?

Growing on YouTube has become pretty difficult lately owing to the number of new channels getting created regularly. Growing in almost every niche on YouTube has become a challenge and the best known way, today, to grow your channel is Google Ads!

Google Ads is the most effortless way and with the right targeting and strategy, you can skyrocket your YouTube growth.

In this blog, I will give you step-by-step processes of growing your channel with Google Ads. Just follow the steps and enjoy exponential growth.

Increasing Subscribers on YouTube

What are the ways of increasing subscribers count using Google Ads?

Blogs or Gurus might tell you about hundreds of ways, but practically there are two ways you can increase real subscribers:

  1. Youtube in-feed ads
  2. Instream Ads

We have helped countless YouTube channels grow using these two methods and I am going to break it down to you, so you can also do the same.

Google (YouTube) Instream Ads

Do you enjoy the “Skip Now” Ads you see before almost every YouTube video? Well probably not. Noone likes them but those are some of the most rewarding Ads for companies and other YouTube channels promoting their content.

This is because the audience watching the Ad is already engaged and captivated for Video content and with the right Ad, you can convert your prospect into subscribing relatively easily. In-stream Ads appear sometimes before a video, during, or after a video. Sometimes they have the “Skip Now” option and sometimes they don’t.

Creating the Ad with the right hook and other details is crucial to engaging your audience, however, that is a topic for another blog.

After you have your Ad Video ready, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Campaigns 
  2. Create a campaign without goal 
  3. Campaign type (YouTube) 
  4. Custom video campaign 
  5. Continue
  6. Keep campaign budget 
  7. Select country
  8. Type Adgroup name 
  9. Select demography (Age, Gender, etc.) 
  10. Add audience 
  11. Then select any one targeting out of (Keywords, Topics, or Placement) 
  12. Max CPV Bid 
  13. Copy and paste the targeted YouTube Video 
  14. Choose Skippable Instream Ads
  15. Copy and paste the final URL 
  16. Select call to action as (Subscribe)

How to select the right targeting method and strategy?

The most important step from the above list is selecting the right targeting strategy. 

You need to make sure your Ad is shown to the right audience and not some random audience that does not even understand the language the video is shot in.

Let’s talk about important targeting parts:

Keywords - Google Ads gives you the option to select specific keywords where you would want your Ad to be shown. To explain this, imagine you are a stock broker. Your Ad is shown only when someone searches for “How to open a Demat account?” on YouTube.

Topics - You can select Topics in which your video or channel falls. Google categorizes videos in topics and you can select them so your video pops up only when a user is engaging with videos of that particular topic.

Placement - Google also gives you the options to select the placement for your video Ad. You can even choose to place your video somewhere before, during, or after popular videos in your niche or even popular videos of your competitor. Imagine talking about something important that your competitor missed in a video and then showcasing your video Ad just then.

Google (YouTube) In-feed Ads

The second type of Ad is called the YouTube In-feed Ad. These are shown in YouTube search results, YouTube watch next, and the YouTube app Home feed.

These are shown as cards at places that are likely to be viewed by your target audience. Do you click at video cards that you see when you open YouTube? 

Imagine having your thumbnails shown when your target audience opens YouTube.

The steps to create this type of Ad is also the same and in step number 14, you don’t have to select the In-stream Ad. You have to now choose the In-feed Ad instead.

This type of Ad is best when your goal is to increase subscribers count directly through Ads.

Instream Ads is the indirect way of promoting your channel. These Ads will help you to increase views on short videos (shorter than 60 seconds).

When these Ads are repeatedly viewed by your target audience, it creates a sub-conscious brand image in their mind. After getting value from your videos, they would automatically subscribe to your channel.

Even the Ad view cost of Instream Ads is less compared to In-feed Ads.

Gain Subscribers On YouTube

What is the cost you can expect while running Ads to gain subscribers?

The cost you have to bear will depend on hundreds of factors and how you run your Ads.

You should continuously optimize your Ads to improve the conversion rates (Cost per gained Subscriber in this case).

To give you an idea, when we run Ads for our clients, the cost is usually between Rs. 10 and 20 when the channel is related to entertainment or jokes.

Not sure on how to pull everything off?

Looking for professional help in setting up Ads to increase subscribers count on YoTube? 

Contact Us using the info on the website to know how we can help your YouTube channel.


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