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How to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google


Local results appear for people searching for businesses and places near their current location. Local results appear in various places in Search and Maps. For example, you may see local results if you search for "restaurants" on your mobile device. Google will show you the type of nearby restaurants you'd like to visit.

What is local ranking in Google?

The local ranking in Google refers to the results displayed each time a user queries in the search engine. This query is usually about where to get a product or service in a physical store near you. The more your business is located at the top of the results, the more likely they will choose you.  Being locally ranked on Google certainly significantly impacts how easy it is for users to find your business online. All businesses want to be seen and increase their number of customers.

Need help finding Improve your information?

Improve your information

Your business may appear outside of relevant searches in your area. To maximize how often your customers see your business in local search results, complete the following tasks in 

Google My Business Provide and update your business information in Google My Business to increase your business's local ranking on Google and improve your company's presence in Search and Maps.

Enter complete data

Local results favor the most relevant results for each search, and it is easier for companies with complete and accurate information to match the right searches. Be sure to enter all your business information into Google My Business so customers can better understand what your business does, where it's located, and when they can visit. Provide information such as your company's physical address, telephone number, and category, among other details. Make sure this information is updated as it changes. 

Verify your locations

Verify your business locations, so they have the best chance of appearing to users of various Google products like Search and Maps. 

Keep a precise schedule

By entering and updating your opening hours, including special hours during holidays and special events, you let potential customers know when your business is available to give them the confidence to know that when they come to your location, your business will be open. 

Manage and respond to reviews

Respond to customer reviews of your business to engage with them. Positive, high-quality customer reviews will improve the visibility of your business and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location. 

add photos

By adding photos to your listings, you'll show people your goods and services, and you'll be able to tell them the story of your business. Accurate and compelling digital images can also show potential customers that your business offers what they're looking for. 

How Google determines local ranking

How Google determines local ranking

factors combine to help us find the best match for your search. For example, Google's algorithms may decide that a business further away from your location is more likely to offer what you are looking for than a closer business and rank it higher within the local results.


As it sounds, this term refers to the distance between each possible search result and the location term used in the search. If a user doesn't specify a location in the search, Google will calculate the distance based on what is known about the user's location.


The importance indicates to what extent a company is known. In the real world, some places are more important than others, and search results try to ensure that this condition is also reflected in the local ranking. For example, famous museums, iconic hotels, or brand-name stores familiar to many people also tend to be important in local search results.

Relevance is also based on information from across the web that Google has about a business (such as links, articles, and directories). The record of opinions and the score in Google are considered in the local search ranking; the more reviews and positive ratings you have, the better the local ranking of your business will be.

Another consideration factor is your position in the Web results; SEO recommendations are also valid for local search optimization.

It is impossible to request a better local ranking in Google or pay for it. They do their best to keep details of the search algorithm confidential so that the ranking system is as fair as possible for everyone.


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