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Benefits of SEO 2022: How You Are Missing Out on Sales by Not Doing SEO!


Let’s start by discussing the most basic aspect of SEO. You, along with being a business owner, are also a consumer of goods and services.

How do you search for a product or service that you are planning to buy?

Close your eyes and think of how your purchasing journey looks like? What do you do at the start and ending of buying something?

As per BrightEdge Research, 68% of online experiences start with a search engine. You will be further astonished to know the number of buying decisions that start from Google!

99%+ of businesses that plan on selling something cannot afford to miss Google and other search engines while planning their business growth. The only way of getting traffic from Google is SEO and you cannot miss that even if you are planning on paid traffic from Google.

In this blog, I will be covering all the major benefits of SEO in 2022 and why you as a business should seriously consider giving a lot of effort into pushing your rankings on Google.

Bring in more customers than you can possibly handle

The first and the biggest reason for you to focus on SEO is getting high quality customers in bulk. Your business solves a particular problem and whenever your ideal customer faces that problem, there is a high chance he/she will search for solutions on Google.

It is at this very moment that the person is highly likely to make the purchase. In the online world, it is equivalent to having your shop at the busiest place in the city.

So Google helps you become the most accessible solution by having your presence at the right time and place.

With SEO, you can get your website ranked on Page 1 and Rank 1 of highly competitive keywords, like:

  • “The best dentist near me” for dentists
  • “Car for hire in Miami” for car rental business owners
  • “Best mattress for back pain” for mattress companies, and countless other examples

Build your online authority

Build your online authority, presence and reputation

This point is a no-brainer for online businesses. Almost every customer would search for a business on Google and social media to ascertain if it's a legit business and also assess its reputation online.

Also, you know that “review” keywords are actually the most competitive keywords for almost every product or service.

Most sales are completed only after customers get to see a positive review and feedback of a business on Google. To give you an example, imagine you search for a business name on Google and find nothing about it vs. you search for it and find its website on the top followed by 1000s of positive reviews on different review websites, its PR presence on major news outlets, videos on YouTube and much more.

Which business are you more likely to buy from?

I am sure the answer is clear and to achieve everything I just talked about, you need nothing but strong SEO.

SEO can be done on a budget, is trackable and gives benefits for a super long time

Whenever you sit and plan marketing for your business, the first question that probably lands on your mind is the budget.

If you choose to go with Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other type of paid marketing, you will have to spend money upfront and results will be directly proportional to the amount of money you spend.

The same is not true in the case of SEO as you can plan SEO as per your budget. The number of blogs you write, backlinks you build, guest posts you do, and other SEO efforts can be planned.

Also, once ranked you get to enjoy the benefits for a super long time. When your content piece is valuable, engaging, and insightful, Google will most probably maintain its position for a long time and your other SEO efforts will further help it maintain the top spot.

You’ll also be able to track the performance and tweak your strategy as per the results you get. This brings us to our next point: Trackability.

Track every of your effort and change strategies effortlessly

Unlike many other marketing and branding efforts, SEO is trackable and you can easily assess the results of your efforts.

Thanks to Google’s tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can easily track:

  • What keywords you are ranking on
  • The number of impressions you get on each keyword
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent on a page
  • Customer journey on your website
  • And countless other statistics

This helps you track the performance of your content, titles, meta descriptions, images, CTAs, sales landing pages, and everything else.

Higher Conversion Rates

Higher conversion rates for other forms of marketing

SEO also helps you boost the conversion rates for other forms of marketing. For example, your customers who find you out on your Facebook Ad will still Google your business and a good SEO will bring your customer closer to a conversion.

Conclusion and other benefits

This article is not enough to list all the benefits of SEO, and apart from the ones listed above, I would also like to mention:

You get updated with latest trends and competitor moves
You will have to work on an enhanced user experience while working on SEO
You start getting ranked on linked SEO keywords and start generating more eyeballs’ attention
And many others

I am sure at this point you are thinking about where to start!

We have other blogs and resources on our website talking about SEO and just a simple Google search for how to do SEO will also open endless learning sources.

However, if you are a busy business owner who does not have 5-6 hours everyday to spend on SEO and want expert help in boosting SEO efforts and ranking on the first page of Google, contact us using the information on our website.

Creation Infoways is a large team of SEO professionals who have been into the Digital Marketing space for decades and have helped countless businesses win in the online world.

Contact us to know how we can help your specific business. Thanks for reading, let’s meet in the next blog.


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