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Why My Site Is not Showing Up on Google? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons


A website not showing up on Google can be a big problem. However, they offer SEO services. Consider the following statistics instead: B2B researchers conduct an average of 12 searches online before doing business with a company. If B2C SEO statistics are more relevant to your situation, did you know that 72% of consumers who search locally visit a store within a 5-mile radius? These statistics show that learning how to get your website to appear on Google is essential to success in today's business environment.

Site registered with Google

Is my site registered with Google?

"Why isn't my site showing up on Google?" You may be interested in learning two separate things.

  • Why won't Google index my site?
  • Why is my site not ranking on Google?

If you are new to SEO analysis, you may need to realize that these are two separate issues. If your site still needs to be made available on Google, there may be technical reasons that can be resolved. However, if your site still needs to show up after a few searches on what your business offers, you may need help optimizing your site.

This is one of the most severe problems a business website can encounter. If you enter the name in the Google search engine, it will not appear. Or come out so low that it is impossible to find. If you've created a page for your business and are wondering what's going on, you should analyze why your website isn't showing up on Google before making a decision.

Website not registered with Google

Why is your website not registered with Google?

They can be varied; if any of them happen, they can be fixed, so don't worry.


1. Your website needs to be more significant. You can't expect your website to appear on Google on day one. You will have to create content and wait for a relatively normal amount of time (a month) for the search bots to find out that your site is up to date and decide to index it.

2. You need to optimize your keywords. What do you see when you open a page in the window bar on each page? Is there a keyword or say "home" or something? Have you improved your Meta tags? You may lose something.

3. Your site is not friendly. What does it mean? Google doesn't like duplicate content at all, so if it finds different pages that are too similar, it won't index them. You know, an online store built in ASP that had this problem.

4. You have been punished. Your site does not meet Google's standards. Too many duplicate contents link to penalty pages and too many keywords. They only sometimes erase you. In some cases, you need to reduce the post to page 3.

5. You're on Google but in a bad situation. Sometimes you think it's not because it needs to be ranked in the top 10 you're looking for (which you all tend to focus on). Not like that. Type the site's exact URL into Google to see if it comes up. If your business is not listed on Google, you need to implement web positioning technology or find someone to do it for you.


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