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How to Generate Flight Booking Calls With Google Adwords? Expert Guide + Cheat Sheet 2022


Looking for the perfect way to generate Flight Booking Calls with Google Adwords?

Wondering how to profitably scale your flight tickets business?

Looking for expert help? What if I tell you that I can reveal the exact process used by companies generating millions in revenue with Flight Booking Calls?

That’s exactly what I am going to talk about here. I have helped countless companies and businessmen scale their Flight Booking Calls business the right way and I am going to share a glimpse with you here. 

I can assure you that the value in this blog will be more than what you would get from $1000+ courses and consultation calls!

Stick to the end for some extra bonuses.

What are the best ways to generate Flight Booking Calls?

How do you think the customer journey in the flight tickets world works?

You might think of Facebook Ads, Emails, Pop-ups or more, but here is a glimpse of the reality: Most flight ticket inquiries start from a simple Google search.

The first response of anyone looking for a flight is searching for the same on Google!

This means companies are just left with two options: Google Adwords and SEO.

While SEO can take months or even years (when we talk about such competitive keywords, you might even have to work for a year to build the domain authority you need to compete with the big players), Google Ads is the fastest and most practical way to generate business from Day 1.

Now, how would you do that?

How to generate Flight Booking Calls with Google Ads?

Let’s take it step by step. The first step is to select the keywords that you are going to target for Ads. This is one of the biggest and most important steps and takes companies 1000s of dollars in testing before they get the best keywords.

However, I have done the hard work for you and here is the list of the best keywords you can start with today:

  •  + United + Airlines
  •  United Airlines 
  •  American Airlines
  •  United States Airlines
  •  Delta Airlines
  •  Low Cost Air tickets.
  •  Cheap air tickets
  •  Cheap flights
  •  Last Minute Flight
  •  Low cost carrier

Generating inbound calls for Flight bookings

What do you need to start generating inbound calls for Flight bookings?

If you are someone who is starting with Google Ads for Flight Booking Calls for the first time, it can get pretty confusing in the beginning. 

There are a lot of things that you have to take care of and missing out on 1 thing means you either don’t get the conversions you need or miss out on a lot of them.

I have prepared a list of everything that you need to start:

  •  Domain name
  •  Hosting (linux Preferred)
  •  Good quality website
  •  Adwords Account
  •  Credit Card/ Debit card/ Net banking
  •  Payment Gateway
  •  Landing Page
  •  Toll free number

Wondering how you would get hold of everything? Starting with everything seems like a big challenge?

You can also choose to work with a professional company that has been helping businesses with generating Flight Booking Calls day in and day out.

We, at Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd., have been doing so for decades now.

Flight Tickets Business

Why Choose Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd. for your Flight Tickets Business?

Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd. represents seasoned Digital Marketers with a company history of 20+ years in the Digital Marketing domain.

With a team of 50+ Marketers, Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd. has helped countless companies all over the world with services including but not limited to Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more.

The experience of the past 20 years has helped us create winning blueprints and SOPs that have proved their worthiness time and again.

With the right strategies and insights, we are able to help companies scale quickly and profitably without having to burn millions of dollars in testing. 

Why reinvent the wheel when you have experienced marketers doing for years what you need to win in your business?

What are the steps I need to follow?

Once you are done with the above steps, you have to start with setting up Call Ads in Google’s dashboard. Here is the list of steps you need to follow:

  •  Create campaign -> Campaign without any goal
  •  Click on search type campaign -> Select Phone calls -> Continue
  •  Choose Phone Calls
  •  Type Country and Number
  •  Type Campaign Name
  •  Remove Display network
  •  Select Targeted Location
  •  Select Language
  •  Choose Ad Schedule timing
  •  Enter your keywords
  •  Create Ad
  •  Publish


With the right approach and strategy, scaling your tickets business to millions is no rocket science! Just by following the things mentioned above, you can generate healthy profits day in and day out if you have your complete funnel set up properly.

Not sure if you would be able to do everything on your own? Want expert help in setting up and running your Ads profitably? Contact us using the info on the website to know how we can help in your specific case.


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