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Performance Max Campaign in Google Ads: What, Why, Benefits, How to Create and More 2022


Have you ever got confused about choosing the type of Google Ads for your business?

You have the option to choose Search Ads with Keywords, YouTube Ads for specific audiences and targets, Display Ads on famous News websites, and numerous other options.

All of these seem tempting and you see your competitors leveraging almost every of these options.

However, when you sit and budget, advertising on all these platforms seems like an impossible task and you come to the conclusion that you need a big marketing team to pull this off.

This is actually the story with almost every business owner thinking on a solid strategy for Google Ads.

The biggest problem in fact has always been selecting the right place to advertise and test results on all of these platforms and Ad options.

Google introduced the ultimate solution to this problem in May 2021, in the form of Performance Max Campaigns.

What are the Google Performance Max Campaigns and why should you care?

Google’s Performance Max Campaigns are the first-of-a-kind fully-automated Ad campaigns by Google. These campaigns use AI and Machine Learning to predict when to show your Ads, where and to whom!

Google takes care of everything in these types of campaigns and all you have to do is provide assets to Google that can be used to run Ads.

Google’s algorithm will constantly optimize your Ads and test different places to analyze where you get the most amount of results. This is basically what a Google Ads Agency would do for you, and now Google does it for you without charging extra (However, it is obvious that you would not get the level of results and specifications that you would get with a Google Ads Agency).

Google would rotate and test Ad networks including:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Smart Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Discover Ads

Want to know the best part?

Google will also cover Remarketing which means Google will analyze and identify the interested audience and show them Ads at specific times and places to boost conversions!

Create and Run Performance Max Campaigns

How to create and run Performance Max Campaigns?

I was now planning to talk about the benefits of choosing Performance Max Campaigns. However, I know that you are too excited already and want to know about the creation process and want to understand how Google processes it.

This was actually the same reaction I had when I first got to know about the introduction of these campaigns. You might think these are similar to “Campaign Budget Optimisation” Ads in Meta Ads, but there are a lot of differences and you would get to know about most of them by knowing about the creation process.

Let’s jump straight into it:

  1. Go to Create Campaign 
  2. Select Objective (campaign without goal) 
  3. Campaign type (Performance max)
  4. Select the feed 
  5. Target location

Furthermore, this campaign can be created by two methods. One is with the Google feed and the other method is creating it without Google feed.

If you are going with the Google feed method, you will need to get the feed approved first.

What are the Assets required to run Google's Performance Max Campaign?

You are probably thinking about how Google is going to arrange different types of Ad assets to pull-off such an extensive campaign.

This is done by using different Ad assets which are sourced from you. Here is a list of the assets that you would have to share before starting your campaign:

1) Shopping Feed (If you choose the campaign with feed option)

2) YouTube video

3) Graphics of different sizes

  1. Landscape image (1.91:1)
    1. Recommended size: 1200 x 628
    2. Min. size: 600 x 314
  2. Square image (1:1)
    1. Recommended size: 1200 x 1200
    2. Min. size: 300 x 300

4) Your Logo in different sizes

  1. Square logo (1:1)
    1. Recommended size: 1200 x 1200
    2. Min. size: 128 x 128
  2. Landscape logo (4:1)
    1. Recommended size: 1200 x 300
    2. Min. size: 512 x 128

5) Proper Title and Description for your Ad

6) Long headline (90 characters)

7) Short headline (30 characters)

8) Select a Call to action (Preferably Shop Now)

9) Type your Business name and click on Submit

Benefits of Performance Max Campaigns

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of Performance Max Campaigns

The benefits of running this kind of campaign are endless, but I am sharing a glimpse of the top ones with you:

  • You get to explore options and understand your product’s and strategy’s appeal without hiring a full-fledged Agency.
  • They focus just on a particular goal and all the optimisation needed to fast-forward towards that goal is taken care of by Google.
  • Consistent optimisation: Every campaign needs optimisation (especially in the beginning) to improve the results you get. In this type of campaign, Google does it for you.
  • You get to save money from your marketing spend.
  • You get to simply A/B test different things and get insights to make business decisions.

This comes although with some disadvantages as well!

There are issues with reporting as you can not clear access data to see if you would want to make some changes in the way Ads are being served to your Audience.

Another big issue is that running Ads is a human process and software alone cannot understand issues with Graphics, Copy, Offering, and Branding. This can be done only by experienced marketers because of which hiring a professional agency makes sense for companies looking to expand their marketing efforts.

However, these are perfect for advertisers who are short on budget and want to get started with advertising.

Looking for help setting up and scaling your Performance Max Campaigns? We, at Creation Infoways have been helping brands scale with Google Ads for decades now. Want to benefit from our experience and use our Google Ads winning strategies to outpace all your competitors?

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