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Google Merchant Center Suspended? 6 Must-Know Steps to Get Your Account Back 2022


One of the worst feelings for a business owner is getting the "Your Ads account is suspended" email from Google.

This is especially devastating when most of your business (millions of dollars in many cases) comes from Google Ads!

You get thoughts like losing all your Ads data, Ad copies, Audiences, Ad creatives, and more. If you are also thinking on the same grounds, it's time to stop that negative chain of thought right now!

Getting your merchant center suspended is pretty common, and after helping 1000s of businesses get it back, all I can say is, Don't worry, let's figure it out together.

In this blog, I have created a list of the top things you need to do to get your account back.

Without any further ado, let's jump straight into it.

Why does Google suspend Merchant Accounts?

Google is very strict about user experience and instantly suspends accounts after finding minor issues on websites or Ads.

You might be wondering why is my account suspended when I have not violated any policy? Most business owners think that way because of not knowing every of Google's policies.

I have seen accounts generating millions getting suspended instantly but also getting reinstated in some time. Let's understand the important steps in getting your account back and identify possible mistakes that you may have made on your website.

6 Steps that you need to complete right now

I have personally helped 1000s of businesses over the course of the last two decades in getting their suspended accounts back.

All this experience has helped me create a list of the steps that will solve most or all of your problems.

1. Check all crucial policies on your website, including T&C, shipping, and others

Google has a strict policy to check and ensure every advertiser on Google follows all the essential and mandatory policies required to sell online. Make sure to check if your website has:

  • Terms and Conditions Policy
  • Returns and Refund Policy
  • Shipping policy
  • Privacy policy

If your website is missing any of these policies, make sure to get them uploaded as pages on your website with easy navigation (also in your sitemap).

2. Check payment methods' logos on the checkout page

One of the most common issues is Copyright issues that you get with brand logos. Check out the brand logos on your checkout page, for example, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and others.

It is pretty common for Google to suspend accounts because of these logos. We have seen a lot of accounts getting reinstated after getting this issue fixed.

3. Make sure you have the Physical Address, Contact number, and Email Id listed on your website

You must have all these 3 things listed clearly on your website, especially on the Contact Us page.

Google takes special care to ensure a smooth experience for its users. Not having the contact info listed on the website would make it super difficult for shoppers to reach you.

This is why Google suspends Merchant accounts, and this is also why you should check your website for this error right now.

4. Check for price mismatch on your website

Google is very strict about price mismatch. This policy was introduced after a number of sellers started changing the pricing on the checkout page.

Users would get to see a different price on Google and an inflated price on the final checkout page. This is a Big No!

Also, the Shipping price should be mentioned clearly on the product and other pages.

5. Don't use all-caps in Titles and Description

It is common among sellers to use all-caps in titles and descriptions to grab users' attention.

If you have also used this, make sure to correct it instantly.

6. SSL must be enabled on your website

SSL certificate is one of the most basic necessities for any website; however, brands still miss out on having one on their website.

Expiry of your SSL certificate can also be the case as mostly SSL certificates are renewed after 1 year.

This can also be a reason for account suspension, so if your SSL certificate is not active, get it activated.

How to recover a suspended Google Merchant Account?

Wondering how to get your account back?

After completing all the steps above and checking your account for all kinds of violations, you are supposed to appeal to Google to get your account reinstated.

However, make sure to double-check everything and complete the appealing process professionally. If you are not confident about all the steps, consult a professional.

Looking for expert help in getting your account back, setting up your ads, and running them smoothly and profitably? 

Contact us using the info on the website to know how we can help in your specific case.


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