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Google Ads Account Suspended Due to Counterfeit Policy 2022? 5 Steps to Get Your Account Back


Got a suspended Google Ads account and don’t know how that happened?

Wondering how you got suspended for Counterfeit policy even when you did not try to counterfeit anything on your landing pages?

Worried about losing all your Ads data, Ad copies, Campaign assets and much more?

But it’s time to end all those worries right at this moment!

Countless accounts all over the world get suspended for the Counterfeit policy, but the good thing is that many of those are also reinstated after the right appeals are done. We have helped 1000s of brands get their accounts back and with all that experience, we are writing this blog with a checklist that you can follow.

What we are going to share here has already helped 1000s and will help you too!

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into what you need to do.

Start by removing brand logos on your landing pages and payment page

One of the biggest reasons we have seen brands getting suspended from Google Ads is using brand logos without the consent of the brands. Google scans logos and related trademarks really closely and its software suspends such accounts, citing the reason “Counterfeit Policy Violation.”

Pro Tip: Make sure to check the brand logos on the payment page as well. Logos including Mastercard, Visa, UPI payment partners, etc. can be a problem so if you have them there, you need to get that fixed first.

Google Ads account

How to prevent your Google Ads account from getting suspended due to Counterfeit Policy?

There are 5 major things that you need to check to get your account back, or protect it from getting suspended due to Counterfeit Policy.

1. Don't use any brand's logo on your product

Using any brand’s logo on any of your product pictures, landing pages, or the payment page is a big No! Google has sophisticated software that works on protecting Trademarks, Copyrights, and other brand assets.

If you have got your account suspended, scan all your pages (especially the landing pages) for any logos that you may have used and get them removed.

2. Don't use any registered brand name on your product description/s

Registered brand names is another thing that you have to be careful about, especially the ones that come with a Trademark. 

If you are adding registered brand names in your products’ description, Google can think you are trying to imitate another brand.

3. Do not ever use the water mark of the brand logo on your product image

Every image on your product pages is also scanned for logos and brand names.

It is super common for brands to use watermark on the product images and this is a common reason for account suspension.

If you have the same problem on your website, it's best to get it solved instantly.

4. Do not create a clone of  the brand's original website

To further expand marketing reach and test different strategies, a lot of brands create duplicates of their own website by just changing the domain name.

If you have done that in the past, make sure to get it corrected. You cannot have the same product images and description on the cloned website as Google would take it as infringement.

5. Don't use manipulated registered brands' logos on products

Another common practice is to partially modify the logos of famous brands to bypass the check by Google’s software. However, that is caught pretty easily by Google and you are served with suspension.

If you are doing it or have done that in the past, make sure to get it corrected instantly.

Recover your suspended Ads account

How to recover your suspended Google Ads account due to Counterfeit Policy Violation 2022?

Wondering what to do after you have corrected everything that led to your account’s suspension?

You have to appeal to Google for reinstating your account. You can however, do this only if you are legally authorized to sell the brand. You will have to submit the authorization letter while filing the appeal.

There are some things that you have to take care of while filing the appeal:

  • Admit every one of your mistakes. Google has every proof and hiding anything will invite more problems your way
  • Make sure to be super polite during the appeal process. After all, it is a human-to-human interaction
  • Make sure to check that your website has no plagiarism or copied content, images, text and description of any other running Ad on Google, or other trademarked assets of any company


Following things that we just talked about will help you get your account back and prevent future suspensions or problems. Make sure to double-check everything before filing an appeal and if you are not sure, consult a professional.

Looking for expert help in getting your account back, setting up your ads, and running them smoothly and profitably? Contact us using the info on the website to know how we can help in your specific case.


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