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Ultimate Guide on Getting Super Cheap Views Using Google Ads: Hacks on Decreasing CPC


One of the biggest reasons people don’t choose Google Ads to get views on their videos is the misconception of expensive clicks.

If you are not a professional media buyer and are running Ads for the first time, it is natural to pay a high cost for video views.

However, you will be amazed to find out the rates professionals pay for video views.

What if I say you can get video views for as low as Re. 0.06-0.08p per view?

Yes! This is very much possible and in fact is the rate we have been paying for a lot of accounts. Want to learn how we do it?

Want to convert your complete funnel profitable by reducing the price you pay for inorganic eyeballs on your videos?

I will talk about all the hacks you can use in this blog, so stay tuned till the end.

#1 Targeting Hack that you cannot avoid

Let’s start with the biggest differentiator you need to focus on while creating your Ad. You have to start by creating Video View Ads on the Google Ads platform.

As you complete the basic steps, you will be asked to fill the Audience and Targeting details. Your audience size has to be as wide as possible.

Make sure to select:

  • Max age group
  • All genders
  • All locations
  • All devices

Wondering why we are doing that? Every data point you select for narrowing down your targeting means the Ads algorithm will focus on a particular group rather than showing your Ads to anyone and everyone.

The cost of the views is defined by how much the advertisers are willing to pay. It is natural that the cost in developed countries will be way more than developing countries. The companies fighting for Video attention in the USA will be willing to spend way more than companies in India, for example.

When you select a particular targeting, the Ads algorithm will look for that specific audience type and the cost to show Ads to that set of audience could be higher than other audiences.

When you do not select any particular targeting, the algorithm will work on showing the ads to the maximum number of people and will automatically find areas and audiences that would give you a cheaper effective view rate.

How to select the budget for the Ads

How to select the budget for the Ads?

After knowing about the targeting, you need to know about the budget for your Ads. The ultimate goal obviously is to get the lowest price for views.

Follow these steps:

  • Remember that we need to run video view ads
  • Select the option to add CPV when you are selecting the budget
  • In the initial phases of the campaign, CPV needs to be at 30p approximately
  • After running the campaign for 2-3 days, we can choose to lower the CPV to 6p - 8p

Yes! You read that right. With the right strategy and settings, you can lower your cost to even 6-8p (as the CPV).

The role of Copywriting and Engaging graphics

It’s time to burst a big myth now:

Just spending money on ads ≠ More and more views

In the end, the people who are going to click on your Ads are humans and for them (in most cases) there is no difference between an Ad thumbnail and a normal one.

You have to work on creating a super engaging and maybe a click-baity (Only the truth but!) thumbnail that instantly gets clicked on.

The money will buy you impressions but not engagement. No matter what type of Ad settings you choose, the number of eyeballs that see your Ad will be directly proportional to the money you spend.

Creating an engaging thumbnail and using Copywriting (on your thumbnail, title and video content) will help you get more views for less money.

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Role of SEO

The role of SEO

Next thing you must keep in mind is SEO. YouTube SEO helps you organically grow the visibility of your videos. Since you are already boosting your video/s with Ads, SEO will give it further organic boost. 

This organic boost will be more significant if the inorganic audience likes your content and the engagement on your videos is healthy.


I am sure this info will help you start and streamline your advertising efforts. Make sure to consistently optimize your campaigns and Ad groups so you can further reduce Ad costs.

Looking for expert help in getting super cheap views on your videos using Google Ads? We have been doing so for years and can help you master the same.

Contact us using the info on the website to know more.


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