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5 Must-Know Ways to Recover Your Google Ads


Google Ads account suspended all of a sudden and don’t know what to do?

Worried about all that data you have collected after spending countless amounts of money? 

Worried about losing all those Ad copies, Campaigns, Ad assets, audiences, settings, and more?

Already watched countless videos on YouTube and tried hundreds of tricks but nothing seems to work?

Start by taking a breather! You finally have what you need and all your woes are going to end real soon. 

After helping thousands of people recover their Ad accounts and run them successfully, we know a thing or two about recovering Ad accounts, especially in the case of Circumventing Systems Policy violations.

We have created a cheat sheet that you can use to get your account back. All you have to do is follow the things mentioned in the blog and you are good to go.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the topic.

What is the Google Ads Circumventing Systems Policy?

Before talking about how to get your account back, it is important for you to know what the Google Ads Circumventing Systems Policy is all about. Knowing about the policy will help you uncover why your account got suspended in the first place, if you don’t know that already.

Google Ads is one of the biggest marketing methods used by companies all over the world. It benefits millions and millions of companies all over the world, which is also why it is misused heavily.

To counter the misuse and make the platform accessible to everyone, Google takes special care in preventing non-compliant content, using disapproved ads, cloaking, trademark violation, repeated policy violations, and other violations.

These violations are protected using the Google Ads Circumventing Systems Policy. You can refer to the above points and even find an exhaustive list to compare if you have accidentally committed one of the violations.

Recover Google Ads account

How to recover Google Ads account after getting suspended for circumventing policy?

Here are the most common things that you have to take care of before appealing for your account to be recovered.

1. Check all types of logos of payment methods added to the payment page

The logos you use on any of your landing pages are scanned by Google. These are checked for trademark violations and one of the most common reasons Ad accounts are suspended is the addition of payment method logos.

Examples of such logos are: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, and others.

You are trying to just represent the companies that are facilitating the payments, but Google’s software does not take it that way. If you also have those logos on the payment page, start by fixing them and using something else.

2. Check the payment method and GST details added to the Ad account

Next step in the line is checking the payment method that you use and the GST details of your company that you have added to the account. It is pretty common for advertisers to make mistakes in these steps and just correcting the payment method mistakes will help take you closer to getting your account back.

Google Support

3. Appeal to Google’s Support once all changes are done

After doing the above two changes, make sure to check for other mistakes that you might have made as well. Here is a small list to consider:

Make sure you have not copied the Text and Description of any Ad already running on Google
Make sure there is no plagiarism in any of your landing pages
Make sure you are not using any trademarked asset of any other company
Make sure all the images used are authentic and nothing on your pages is copied

After you have done that, you can appeal to Google to get your account back. There are numerous instances when these suspensions are not severe and rectifying your mistake will give you your account back.

4. At the time of appealing, accept every one of your mistakes

The most important thing to keep in mind is to outrightly accept every mistake that you have made. Google tracks everything and whoever you talk to would have records of every mistake that you have done.

Hiding anything would invite further problems as Google would assume you are trying to hide things and trick the platform. However, Google reinstates a lot of accounts even after mistakes so admitting them is best for you.

5. Be polite at the time of appeals

This is the most important step. You cannot compromise on being polite with whoever you get to talk to while appealing to get your account back.

At the end of the day, it will be a human-to-human interaction, and being polite will improve your chances of Google's representative giving you a thumbs up. I cannot remember the number of people I have helped to get their account back, and if I was to share the biggest differentiator, it would be “Being polite with Google’s representative/s.”


This is everything you need to get your account back and start running ads for your business. However, make sure to double-check every step as getting your account back is not easy without following everything we talked about.

Looking for expert help in getting your account back, setting up your ads, and running them smoothly and profitably? Contact us using the info on the website to know how we can help in your specific case.


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