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The Best Ecommerce Platform You Should Consider Using in 2023


Online marketing helps e-commerce to use promotional tactics to drive traffic to your e-commerce, converting that traffic into paying customers and retaining those customers after the purchase. A strong marketing strategy helps build brand awareness, drives customer loyalty, and ultimately increases sales.

Get Subscribers for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When you think about ROI, email marketing is one of the most effective channels for generating more sales and getting sales from current customers. An email offers a more intimate interaction by sending the communication to your mailbox. It is a format in which you can explain many more things that may not fit in a post on social networks.

To start with email marketing and gain subscribers, it is vital to make visible and encourage subscriptions, for example, on the blog, if you have one, or with a popup when entering your online store.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Many people who enter your e-commerce and add products to the cart end up not buying. It is very common to abandon carts during the purchase process. Many prospective buyers who abandoned their carts can be invited to checkout. You can rely on offering new advantages, such as free shipping or a discount.

A simple and effective idea is to carry out communication. If you have your email, you can remember that they left a cart with products to finish buying.

Take Advantage of a Fashionable Social Network Such as Instagram

With millions of active daily users, it is one of the fastest-growing social networks that allow us to connect consumers with brands and, often, with influencers as mediators. Take great photos, study the hashtags that will work best with your audience, and choose the best times to post.

You can carry out advertising actions on Instagram or take advantage of the options offered to us to function as an electronic business.

Work Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In addition to getting new email addresses, you must establish a sending strategy regularly.

There are many times when you can send emails to your subscribers:

  • welcome email        
  • offer discounts
  • Regular newsletter with product tips, offers, news
  • Offer relevant content to your audience
  • Ask your opinion about items you have purchased to improve the products or your service
  • Information about orders


Take Advantage of Content Marketing

Take Advantage of Content Marketing

Developing a blog with complementary content to that of pure and straightforward sales can be highly appreciated by your clients, as well as being an excellent tool for guiding and directing their purchases.

E-commerce should consider blogging regularly to connect with customers and improve search engine rankings. Likewise, other options can be complementary to your blog and very interesting, such as publishing on other websites as a guest, creating guides to help customers use your products more effectively, or carrying out a podcast where you show yourselves as some experts in your sector.

Optimize Your Product Pages

The optimization of your conversion rate, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), accelerates the conversions of your e-commerce and, consequently, helps us to increase sales. To carry out these improvements, you must carry out qualitative and quantitative research so that you have a multidisciplinary vision of the areas of improvement in your website's conversion.

Once you have researched the challenges and opportunities, you can develop hypotheses and tests to see which approaches generate the most sales following premises such as Growth-driven design.

Develop Loyalty Plans

Focusing on retaining your customers is the most profitable way to increase your online sales. Your most loyal customers represent a significant percentage of income.

One way to reward loyal customers, and high spenders, is through a loyalty program. There are many ways in which both customers and your e-commerce benefit from a loyalty plan. It is an incentive to make more purchases and allows us to be at the top of the minds of your most loyal buyers.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

For many e-commerce, especially those focused on B2C, sales from smartphones exceed or will exceed, very soon, those made from the desktop. Optimizing the store for mobile means much more than having a design that responds to the needs. It is to design your site with mobile visitors as the first option.

To accomplish this, make a larger add-to-cart button on all mobile product pages, making it easier for the visitor to add your products or improve the speed of your website.

Ecommerce Personalization

Personalization is an incredibly effective marketing tactic for driving online sales. Based on data about your users' behavior on the website, you can customize experiences according to their past actions and preferences so that you prioritize what will interest them in buying more while eliminating noise.

Personalization is also beneficial when your e-commerce is international, and your buyers may be interested in different products depending on their location.


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