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Ultimate Guide on Choosing an Indian Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce Stores


Want to exponentially grow your eCommerce business but cannot figure it out despite trying different approaches?

Tried a lot of Ads experts, freelancers, and Agencies but cannot convert that into a reliable business model?

The eCommerce scene in India has skyrocketed and there are millions of businesses working to grow their eCommerce presence in India and abroad. Amidst all this sudden growth in eCommerce businesses, we have an equivalent growth in the number of agencies offering eCommerce marketing services to all these brands.

What has this caused?

It has made it very difficult for businesses to look for reliable and performance-driven agencies that can actually give them the results that they are looking for. It is tough to find agencies that can give them the results that they need to take their business to the next level!

This blog is all about that. I will help you identify the best agency suited to your needs and will give you insider hacks for identifying the difference between a good and a “bad” agency.

Digital Marketing Agency

The Biggest thing you should take care of while selecting an agency

Firstly, I would like to share why you should care and give time into selecting the Digital Marketing Agency for your eCommerce store. Having the right set of experienced marketers working for your business can take you years ahead of your competition.

If you can nail the Ads in the first few months, you can scale them to generate repeating orders and create a self-sustaining business. If you are planning on taking venture funding for your business, your past sales data is the biggest factor that helps you negotiate and close a funding round.

After getting the right data in the initial phases, you can easily scale and understand the dynamics of the industry without the “trial and error” that takes years and years!

So the first thing that you should look for is the experience of the agency that you are going to work with.

You must look into their past performance and analyze the type of stores they have worked with. In an ideal case, the right agency for you should have helped convert millions of orders and worked with the best of businesses.

You should also look into the amount of Ad money that they have spent and the kind of revenues they have generated till date.

Wondering why is that important and how does that help?

Understanding the crucial factors with an example

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

I will be comparing two agencies: Agency 1 charges Rs. 50k and Agency 2 charges Rs. 5k as the service charge to run Ads. Agency 1 is an experienced agency (obviously) and Agency 2 is a relatively newer agency with way less experience when compared to Agency 1.

Digital Marketing Agency

The case of Agency 2

Agency 2 charges Rs. 5k per month for the marketing services. They will be spending an approximate of Rs. 1 Lakhs on Google and Facebook Ads combined to sell your products.

They would generate an approximate of Rs. 1.5-2 Lakhs in total sales from that Ad spend. Since they are new in the Industry, they will be spending a lot of your budget on “hit and trial” testing, which means most of your Ads budget will be wasted.

Overall, when you calculate your profits, you will most probably be in loss or break even with a hope of better performance on the next 1 Lakh that you spend.

The case of Agency 1

Agency 1 charges Rs. 50k per month for their marketing services. They will also spend the same, i.e., approximately Rs. 1 Lakhs on Google and Facebook Ads.

But there is a big difference here. Before they run your Ads, they will already have the data on: 

  •  Best performing audiences
  •  Ad sets
  •  Ad copies
  •  Remarketing Ads
  •  Ad issues and troubleshooting
  •  Converting Ad graphics
  •  A/B testing strategies
  •  Email funnel strategies. and 
  •  Hundreds of other things

The experienced agency will also have expertise in:

  •  FB pixel setup
  •  FB Catalog setup in a proper manner 
  •  Setting up Google Ads account 
  •  Setting up Shopping feed through the Google Merchant center
  •  Create the audiences smartly on FB and Google as well

All these things play a crucial role in the performance of your Ads and an experienced agency will be able to generate Rs. 3-5 Lakhs in sales using the same Rs. 1 Lakh.

Most of your Ad spend will be used wisely and used for maximum reach, impressions, and conversions in front of your target audience.


Selecting the right agency is a crucial step for the growth of your eCommerce store. Make sure to double-check for all the things mentioned above before you select your winning team.

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